Thursday, 16 October 2014

Wedding Decorations

Many thanks to all the people who took photographs at my wedding (most notably luthaisea and vollsanger) - going back to work after our staycation honeymoon many people asked me if I had any photographs... to which I responded in a baffled tone "No... I didn't take any... I was a bit busy"

The entrance to church - with my mammy waiting for me

Anyway, so on to the decorations.

The way in
The way out
Outside the church we had some hessian bunting which I made myself - it was super quick and easy to do, just stencilled letters and white acrylic paint - couldn't have been easier. I made it so they said our christian names on the way in, and then Mr & Mrs on the way out - super cute, almost vomit worthy, but if there's one day I can get away with twee decorations it's my wedding day right?

Inside our church - it's gorgeous and needed NO decorations

Far away in the windows you can
see the decorations
Our church is completely beautiful and therefore had no need for decoration - however we had some anyway. We wrapped tulle around the pillars in blue, and added tulle bows to the ends of the pews (which I also have no photos of) - the windowsills looked a little bare at first, but with some beautiful calligraphic quotes (done by my awesome mammy) and some artfully draped fabric (also from the mammy) - they're not super visible from the picture. If I remember rightly, the quotes we had were "Futher up and Further In" from The Last Battle (C.S. Lewis), "World Enough... And Time" from The Time Travellers Wife (Audrey Niffinger - and yes, I know she quoted it from some old guy who wrote a poem, but I chose it because I love the book), "Then we shall see face to face" 1 Corinithians 13 (which was one of our readings), "I like myself better when I'm with you" Also the Time Traveller's wife, as was "I love. I have loved. I will love" and finally "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and to be loved in return" which is from many places, but for a reason a few may understand, is from a garden in Devon for me - where it's carved on a bridge.

the night before
Of course, every bride and her bridesmaids need bouquets! I made my bridesmaids make mine (well, they made them while I was incredibly busy hemming my wedding dress the night before my wedding... good work me). They were polystyrene cones with varying sizes of lollipop stuck out of the top - initially I started going on about a lollipop bouquet as a bit of a joke, and to shut up anyone who asked me about flowers (which I had no interest in having at the wedding) - I put the basic idea to my two grown up bridesmaids and set them to work with a hot glue gun - they turned out absolutely fantastically... and my matron of honour says she's not a crafty person! Nonsense, she is clearly the craftiest!
Chief Bridesmaid making some bouquets
It's dark out... we left things till the last minute

Sadly, the giant lollipops
were inedible
The lollipop theme continued at our reception, where I had made some giant lollipops. These were super easy to make also, just two cake boards, with a wooden dowel in between them, stuck together with duct tape. On top of that we stuck a cute logo (which we also used on the stickers, and on our invitations and all sorts of cutesy things like that), and then finally we wrapped them in cellophane. This was the only interesting part, as I'd made 6 lollipops, but only ended up having enough cellophane for 3 of them, and the day before the wedding we were charging around town trying to find some blue cellophane, and eventually a nice florist gave us some clear for free... so we improvised!

Me and my school friends behind
one of the lollipops

Also for the reception I made more bunting - I hadn't initially planned on this, but it took me so little time to make the set I was using at the church, that I decided another quick set to use up the spare materials was a fab idea - I think it looks pretty cute here!

Last but not least, I didn't really craft the sweetie table, I provided the sweets and the jars (the sign was bought) the stickers and the bags, and the hessian - and Mr P's Best Man's Girlfriend, who is absolutely wonderful and one of my fantastic friends did the rest and made it look glorious and inviting... we still have some of the sweets left, clearly my friends and family aren't greedy enough!

I think everything looked pretty swell on the day - we were fortunate to be getting married in a beautiful church and then celebrating afterwards in a gorgeous park, so all we had were little touches to personalise things a little - I think it came out pretty well.



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