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Faye's Bridesmaid's Dress

So - let's start with some bridesmaid's dresses. I asked my bridesmaids to design their own dresses, and whilst the adults had a little steering in the direction of colour and style, my two god-daughters (who were 8 and 9 on the day of the wedding) had complete free reign with their outfits.

The original sketch of Faye's dress

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Looking cool before we
entered the church
Faye is eight years old (and used to be known as Erin, and before that Poppy, and before that Erin again - she's a fickle pickle! I'd complain, but I was exactly the same at her age), and she had some really specific design features that she wanted, foremost of which was 'spaghetti straps' which I understand are the highlight of sophistication! (Actually, initially both girls wanted strapless dresses, but we managed to talk them out of that...)
I made this pattern from Butterick 4385 and it was a relatively easy sew, although the pattern sizes are 7-12, and I had to make the 8 year old's mostly in the age & size, and the 9 year old's I had to grade down from the age 7!

This girl has some
serious style!
Both the top and the skirt are made from taffeta, originally I was going to use taffeta bias strips to make the stripes on the skirt, but I just couldn't work out how to do that and have it looking neat... so I cheated and used ribbon! Faye was very specific about the top, it was to have 3 large stars amde out of sequins, and then lots of scattered sequins. I cheated on the large stars and made them out of sequin trim, which made it much quicker and easier to sew (and indeed I stitched it on my machine!) It's not particularly easy to see in any of the pictures, but the other sequins are actually star shaped too! I found them when I was looking for ordinary ones and thought they were too perfect to miss out on!

You can just make out the back here
The back deliberately has no modesty panel (by Faye's choice, once I'd explained what a modesty panel was) - which I was more than happy to oblige with, I'd love to wear corseted backs without a modesty panel - however my days of going out without a bra on are long gone :-( so, I shall live vicariously through my god-daughter! The spaghetti straps are stitched into the bodice at the front, and then they simply cross over and then form the lacing down the back - it's a super quick way to do a fastening and straps for evening wear - lazy, and it looks pretty darn cool!

This is Faye being less-than-pleased at
me for not carrying a sewing kit!
There was a slight disaster with this outfit, as one of the side seams split (luckily just the outer, and not the lining) - I expect this was a combination of: overlocking too close to the seam, my ruthlessly lacing her in tight (I need to learn how to lace a corset loosely some day) and then Faye being a regular 8 year old and running around like a mad cap! Unfortunately, as this happened during the reception, I was entirely unable to do anything about it - failure as a godmother! I did however assure her that all photographs would be taken of the undamaged side. 

Next week I'll talk you through her older sister's dress(es!)

Me and all of my bridesmaids - Faye is flying

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