Sunday, 12 October 2014

Two Tiny Dresses

So, before I throw you fully into wedding madness, something else FAR MORE IMPORTANT happened in September. My godsister had a baby girl! This was awesome for many reasons, including it being her first child - and she is utterly gorgeous! My godsister lives way out in crete, so I can't go and meet the little darling, but I could send her some presents.

Please excuse the creepy model in these pictures, it's a doll I'm fixing which my niece broke, and was a convenient model to use.

I decided to whip up a couple of little peasant dresses, just like I made for my cousin's baby girl. The first of the dresses I made absolutely true to the pattern - although I lined it, as I made it out of broderie anglaise. I used the same lining technique as I did on my maxi dress (although obviously much MUCH smaller) and also lined the adorable matching bloomers.

Since baby girl is going to be growing up in Crete, but is half welsh, I figured sun-hats were going to be a necessity (her mama is very blonde) - so I made some bonnets to go along with too!

I edged the bonnet with satin bias tape, which I also used to create the ties under the chin - I didn't line the bonnet, because it is TINY, and lining it would have been beyond fiddly. I didn't hem the edge of the sleeves or the bottom of the dress, as I was using broderie anglaise with a gorgeous border, so I simply used that - you may have recognsied this as one of my favoured 'lazy techniques', plus I think it looks pretty darn cute!

I decided not to elasticate the sleeve edges as the pattern directs, but instead to leave it a little loose - I think it adds an interesting detail - plus also with the laziness remember?

Obviously, matching bloomers were a must! These were lined, and made with elasticated legs and waist - I ended up making channels to do this with more of the satin bias tape, as it was too fiddly to do any other way - babies are tiny. I decided to add a little 'sewn with love' tag onto them, as well as adding one to the back of the bonnet - my mam gave me some 'handmade' ribbon/labels for my birthday, and I love labelling things with it, and when I saw this in my local haberdashers I knew I had to have it! Since I'm too far away to shower this beautiful baby girl in love, instead I shall shower her in clothes!

The second peasant dress I made was just in plain blue fabric, so I decided to add the ruffle around the hem as I'd done in the one I made earlier in the year (bizarre fun fact, both those peasant dresses were made out of fabric which I also used to make denim skirts). My godsister had mentioned that she adored all the cute ruffled bloomers you see out there, but I will confess, I'm not a huge fan of ruffles (unless designed by Katy Dill - that woman can do anything!) So instead I decided to add a cute little applique that I found in the box of things from Mr P's grandmother. I also added more of the 'sewn with love' tags, just because I think they're so cute! (They're going to go on ALL gifts I make, ever!)

As with the previous make for this one, I kept the bottom of the dress ruffle unhemmed and only overlocked, it keeps it much lighter and makes it ruffle easier. I also added a little decorative stitch around the bottom of the main part of the dress, because what's the point in having a machine that does lots of lovely decorative stitches if you don't use them.

The bonnet was edged in white bias tape (although not satin bias tape as the white bonnet was), which I carried on to use for the ties. I just secured this all the way around with a simple zigzag stitch as I wanted it to be secure, but not too fussy. The neck and arms of the dress, plus the legs and waist of the bloomers were all done with elastic. I didn't make elastic channels, after experiencing that in the grey dress I decided the sensible thing to do was to simply stitch the elastic in using a stretch stitch (this doesn't work with all types of elastic, so be prepared if you're planning on using it)

I'll try and be more organised with blog posts in the future (I know, I've said this like a thousand times!) - I'm working on a dress from the Caroline Party Dress, and a super easy maxi skirt at the moment, plus some LRP costume (I know I said I wouldn't make any for ages!)


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