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This is me entering the church with my big brother and
one of my super efficient bridesmaid's (Photo copyright
I haven't posted in FOREVER. I got wrapped in up moving house and getting married and doing all sorts of important things like that - so I have some posts photographed but not yet written, that you shall get to see soon, and hopefully pictures of my new house as it shapes up nicely (the kitchen has gone from HORRIFIC to AWESOME)

Obviously, I will be doing full blog posts regarding each intricate detail of the wedding - I made 4 bridesmaids dresses, my own dress, designed my bouquets (which my bridesmaids, God love them, made the night before the wedding, whilst I was sat up hemming my wedding dress...), and a bunch of the decorations... plus a LOT of jelly, but I don't think there are photographs of that!

This is me and Mr P, making our vows with
my big brother and his best friend, oh and
the back of Luthaisea's head with a very
pretty hair clip (Photo copyright my cousin)
In the mean time, I've filched some pictures that friends have put up on social media sites, so I'll share you some loveliness from the day.
I can honestly say it was a fantastic day - things went wrong, and some people missed it, there was no seating plan, and no flowers, but it was a perfect wedding for us. Some of my favourite comments included being told it was the best wedding people had ever been to, being told that 'all weddings should be like this' and my personal favourite of 'I'm not interested in religion, but if I went looking for faith, because of your wedding, the first place I'd look is a Methodist church' - that last one alone makes the whole day worth it :-D

Mr P and I had scooters as our
wedding transport - this was his one
demand, and it was pretty darn cool!
(Photo copyright Vollsanger)
You know it's a good wedding, when the staff stay to party until 4am, and then when you go to thank them 2 days later say 'Can you do it again next year?' (and yes... we might! Not the wedding bit, but any excuse for a party!) Some of the highlights (by which I mean things that people found unusual) included the play park and the bouncy castle, jelly and icecream instead of wedding cake (and yes, we cut the jelly - why wouldn't you?), a pick and mix of sweets, and barbeque food - no dance floor and no DJ, we just had background music of our favourite songs, which everyone said was an awesome playlist. We had very few posed photographs, and even fewer posed photographs as just the happy couple - our eldest nephew decided he wanted to be in ALL of the photographs.

We also had a bouncy castle - it was awesome
(Photo copyright my cousin)
Normal blogging service should now resume, sneak peaks of some of what you'll get to see details of have been here (although not everything by a long shot). But, in the mean time - please check out some blogs of people who were at my wedding:

Of course my bestest-real-life-but-also-a-blogger friend was there, Luthaisea, and she's taken some AMAZING pictures of the decorations (I'm planning to do a post to walk you through them, as they were all homemade). She's also got pictures of me in THE DRESS, and a special bonus picture of me trying the dress on during one of my many fittings (I made it at her house - hence she has lots of sneaky behind the scenes pictures!)

FLYING BRIDE. I hear all the coolest weddings have
a play park (Photo copyright Mr CraftKhaleesi)
Secondly, one of my godfathers writes a blog - it's not a craft blog, just a general blog about his life, but he's an awesome photographer, so there are some great pictures over there - and you can see just how seriously Mr P and I took the whole 'wedding' business (take the marriage seriously, but the wedding's just a big party!)

If you fancy a flick through a flickr - Ruuuuth, who joins Luthaisea and I on a Monday night for our crafting has a flickr over here where you can see MANY PICTURES of my lovely guests, and also of me.

Many MANY blessings




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