Thursday, 1 May 2014

RAWR (It means "I love you" in dinosaur)

Ok, so I promise this is the last of the Christmas presents – I couldn’t very well put pictures of them on the internet before Christmas now could I? Luthaisea whom I have mentioned before gave me the pattern for this one – or rather helped me draft the pattern for this one. If you pop along to her blog you can see the original with a dinosaur tail on it too!

This was the Christmas present for my little godson – who had just turned two Christmas. I awnted to make him some clothes, as that was what his sisters and mother were getting (his dad was one of the two people who didn’t get homemade presents, the other was my big brother), but I also wanted to make him something fun and cool – hence a hoodie, which is also a dinosaur.

I overlocked the entirety of this in a vain attempt to keep it stretchy – it also made for a pretty cool design around the cuffs. The spikes all the way down the back and on the hood are two pieces of fleece overlocked together. Originally I was going to turn them inside out, but decided that they looked a lot cooler, and a lot spikier, with the stitching on the outside.

The dinosaur tummy patch also doubles up as a kangaroo pocket – because there’s nothing cooler than having pockets in which you can hide things from your big sisters!

Ok, so I made a bit of an error and forgot that you can’t pivot on an overlocker, so the ‘V’ in the neckline ended up being a kind of sideways ‘V’, but hey… it’s a design feature!


It means I love you in dinosaur.

Katy x

p.s. I had the opportunity to see the recipient of this in his dinosaur hoody - and even post-nap, poorly and cranky, he was the most adorable thing ever! So glad it looks cute


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