Thursday, 1 May 2014

Failure on the First - I slightly lost my mind

Do you ever get obsessive over something? Or is that just me? So, a while back, I was attempting to get my TINY SHOEBOX of a flat into some kind of order. Not in a ‘tidy like a maniac because you’ve got a flat inspection tomorrow’ way, but in a ‘I would like to be able to open some of the drawers occasionally’ way.

Now, in my bedroom I have a set of 5 plastic drawers. It stands about chest height, and it is EXTREMELY USEFUL. The five drawers are organised as thus:

  • Hair things
  • Mr P’s underwear and socks
  • Make-up
  • Medicine
  • Straighteners/Hairdryer and spare bottles of stuff

WHY? You ask me, WHY IS MR P’S UNDERWEAR in a set of drawers that is OTHERWISE largely concerned with beauty products. Because when he moved in that was the easiest drawer for me to clear out for him, and I’ve never bothered to change it. There is no room in my bedside cabinet for his underwear, my bras are too big and I have too many pants. Really. I could go for a couple of months wearing clean underwear every day without washing anything. It’s insane. I don’t wear most of them, I just hoard them, like a stalker, only it’s my own pants.

BACK ON TRACK: I decided that these needed clearing, one day at a time, and it went pretty well. On hair day I organised everything and put things in little tubs, on make-up day I threw out the Hannah Montana lipgloss I’d had since I was a child, and various other things of that ilk. Then it got to medicine day. Let me say this now, the medicine drawer was a MESS. I suffer from a chronic illness, (YAY) I’m not going to bother going into detail, it’s really dull, but one thing I do keep a lot of, is DRUGS. Legal ones. Obvo.

And I am TERRIBLE with them, because I am always buying more when I am near the end of a packet (because the last thing you want is to be without painkillers when you are in too much pain to go buy more painkillers… sensible I am) But then I just start on the new pack. So what I have is LOADS OF BOXES which have HALF CONSUMED BLISTER PACKS IN. And then when the drawer gets too full, I just take the blister packs out of the cardboard and throw them in the drawer loose. THIS MAKES IT REALLY HARD TO TELL THEM APART. Not such a problem for me, I’ll take anything and everything. Problem for Mr I’ll-Be-Hospitalised-If-I-Take-Ibuprophen in the corner, he’s always a problem.

So, I figured, when I was tidying this drawer out, shortly before I was due to go to bed, that the LOGICAL THING TO DO would be to make tiny little pouches that didn’t close, with the names of the drugs labelled on the outside in a colour that didn’t show up. This one says ‘Antihistamines’ btw… see if you can make it out.

Um. Yes… did I say I lost my mind? It was late, and I don’t sew when it’s late. BAD THINGS HAPPEN THEN. But I thought this was really smart. And it does make my medicine drawer look neat and tidy. Admittedly they all have to be held shut by hair elastics. But as I’d already tidied the hair drawer and found approximately a million of those, I wasn’t so bothered by that.

Still, perhaps not the sanest move I’ve ever made. Not exactly a failure though – as it totally worked. Except you can’t read the words in the dark. Which was kind of the point of the whole exercise. Or the light either really. Which, um, yes…


Katy x


  1. oh katy. funniest. cleaning. story.EVER. oh my god. it's like your brain WANTS your drawers to be a jumbled mystery.

    can you lightly rub a fabric marker over your insane albino embroidery and fold down the top of the bag & add a drawstring?

    1. excuse me one moment

      *cough*... right... er... excuse that fangirling (I hope your cold is getting better btw!) I'm such a cleaning failure. Also I love the term albino embroidery - fabric marker may be the solution! Currently the solution letting everything fall back into the state it was before >.<

  2. *Laughs* only you Katy! Still I'm glad I'm not the only with messy drawers that need sorting. :-)

    1. OH THANKS WEEZA - I need to talk to you re colab... this is weird, we have an email conversation, a text conversation AND a comment on my blog conversation going ALL IN ONE DAY. What was I going to say? Oh yes, Mr P pointed out that I spelt Ibuprofen wrong in the embroidery (and in the blog post too) >.< you'd think with the amount of that stuff I take, I'd be able to spell it!

    2. Having gotten home and read your side of things... It'll be interesting, that's for sure! Are we all set for the colaboration? And Mr P is a pedant :P

    3. Hey weeza - I have noting to reply to this, AND I'VE SEEN YOU SINCE YOU WROTE THIS. But the odd number of comments is really upsetting my OCD. Please don't reply :-P otherwise I'll feel compelled to reply again.