Thursday, 27 February 2014

Christmas Present Notebooks

So, don’t faint, but I made stuff that wasn’t skirts! I know, madness huh?
These are some notebook covers that I made for some of my girl-friends as Christmas presents. They were really simple to make, I drafted the “pattern” myself, (which was less a pattern and more a rectangle) and they’re made out of two layers of fabric stitched together, with the ends folded into pockets to make removable notebook covers.
I decorated them in a variety of ways – the three matching ones are just plain fabric appliqued on.
This one was made for a friend whom I call “Daisy” (it’s not her name, and frankly, the reasoning behind it is a little crazy, but we are both quite crazy so it fits) I try and make all of her presents to have something with a ‘daisy’ on. This I hand embroidered – chain stitch for the petals and satin stitch for the centre – onto a plainer (more stable) fabric than the embroidered taffeta and then appliqued that on too.
Yes, you might recognise this embroidered taffeta from the last post – it’s not the last you’ll see of it either. I made a ball gown out of it originally, and, um, was left with a LOT. I think part of the reason is I am so short that anything with a skirt ends up taking up far less fabric than patterns suggest it will.
Here I have two corresponding notebooks – one made in the same style as above (for a friend who loves elephants) and the other again just plain applique. Frankly, I’m not impressed with these too – the dark green fabric was too thick for the purpose (I believe it was drill) and the faux Chinese silk was too unstable – I should have interfaced it before I did the applique – and I didn’t. That is a lesson learnt.
I made two others, the pink on was for Mr P’s mother, and is hand embroidered straight onto the main fabric of the book – it makes it really hard to read, partially because of the colour combinations used. The final one is for a friend who runs her own company Birth Right Hypnobirthing and I made it for her birthday to match a skirt I made her for Christmas – that’s probably the one I’m most proud of, and was actually the one I did first. The letters are hand embroidered on, in a chain stitch if I recall correctly.
Anyway, should be back to skirts next week!
Katy x
Gingerly Made

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