Thursday, 7 August 2014

Rohan Skater Shorts

Please excuse the rubbish last
minute photos taken on my bed
So, I promised to talk about shorts - and shorts I will discuss! I actually made two pairs of these, one in a size 6, and one in a size 2 (that’s boys sizes btw) but I only have pictures of the size 6 - so apologies for that, if I get pictures of the other pair, I’ll put them up at a later date!

I knew I had to make something for my nephew and my godson, as I’d already made not one but two<link> outfits for my niece, and my goddaughters are getting new clothes for the wedding - so I figured it was the turn of the boys. I’m not ultra familiar with sewing boys clothes, but my nephew had gotten a skateboard for christmas, so I thought a pair of the Rohan Skater Shorts by the crafty kitty would be perfect!

look! fully lined and everything

I sewed these up in some cotton drill (I think) that was part of the stash from Mr P’s mum (seriously, I’m going to be sewing through this stuff for a while!) and lined it with some really soft flannel like material from the same stash.

improvised buttonhole elastic
The pattern was pretty easy to sew up, I got a tad confused by the faux fly, but after I’d wrapped my head around it, I’d say it was the only tricky moment of the pattern - I also hadn’t yet found anywhere in the UK that sourced buttonhole elastic (or even knew what it was!) so I had to improvise on that one - that being said, I’ve totally got some now!

I decided the pockets on the back looked a little dull, and I’m a huge fan of adding hand-sewing into pieces I make as gifts, it gives me time to reflect on my relationship with the person it’s for and to pray. Now, my nephew is OBSESSED with the Lego Movie (if you have kids, I’m SURE you’ve heard about it) including the oh-so-popular song ‘Everything is Awesome’. Now, I’ve been a huge fan of the word ‘Awesome’ since I went through my pre-teen surfer phase (that part of me has never really left...quick, someone hide the boardies before I make a fashion faux pas!) so I knew it had to be the word ‘Awesome’ - I think it looks pretty.... awesome!

everything is awesome - including these shorts!
The down side to these is.... they are WAY too big. I know my nephews a little on the small size for his age, but he’s nearly seven, and these wouldn’t stay up - they looked about twice the width of his regular shorts. So I would say these are DEFINITELY on the large side! The pair I made for my godson are pretty cute, but he refuses to wear them because he doesn’t like the lining fabric... I can’t really argue with that LOL.
I totally did topstictching! Go me!

I’m pretty proud of these, I did some topstitching, which is not something I’ve attempted in a project before, and I think it turned out pretty ok, in fact, I think these shorts turned out pretty OK all together :-)

Loving being back in blog-land - you know you love me... (I’m OBSESSED with GG atm)

Katy x

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