Saturday, 2 August 2014

Failure on the First: BLOG FAILURE

Handmade shorts for
my nephew
So, this month's failure on the first is on the second. THAT'S THE FIRST FAILURE. The second is that I haven't updated in like, 2 weeks. I'm really sorry guys! 

Totally easy to make petticoat
And this isn't even a real blog post. I can tell you what I've got coming up though - I've made these cute shorts for my nephew, they're way too big for him, but I'm pretty proud of that. I'll do a full blog and pattern review shortly (heh, no pun intended!)

I've prepped a tutorial for making petticoats that look like this! Cute huh? And they're really easy to make as well, make sure you stick around to check that out.

Chocolate bajillionaire
I made some blueberry muffins and some apple muffins. They are TASTY. And I totally managed to sew in an invisible zip. This is ACHIEVEMENT OF THE GREATEST KIND I also managed to make chocolate millionaire flapjack which was DAIRY FREE, which is quite impressive, as I had to condense the soya milk myself in order to make the caramel. And then I added hundreds and thousands, which made it chocolate bajillionaire flapjack by my standards!

Muffins are tasty, and
contain fruit, so they must
be healthy too
Works in progress include a couple of cute little baby outfits for my friend who is expecting a little girl in September, a rag rug which is going swimmingly and using up ALL MY SCRAPS, it's the ultimate scrap busting project. Work on my dress is going well and still top secret, the two adult bridesmaids dresses are finally finished, and I've started on the kid's dresses.
This was my rag rug a few
weeks ago, it's much more
huge now!

Hopefully, Mr P and I will be moving house shortly, so I shall have some HOMEMAKING posts to update you guys on - it's still a rental, so my hands will be tied with regards to a lot of things, but I'm excited, and I've already got loads of plans!

So yeah, failure on the first, is failing to be on the first... or even for the past two weeks. I solemnly swear I shall endeavour to do better (and show you cute baby clothes!)


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