Thursday, 10 April 2014

Bathtime Monsters

As soon as I saw this set of tutorials from Amber over at crazy little projects  I knew I had to make one for my godson for his birthday. Then I realised that each of them only takes half of a towel, and my littlest nephew’s birthday is in the same month. Score!

Originally I had wanted to make the frog towel – but I couldn’t locate any green towels for love nor money, and as time was beginning to run out, I changed my mind, and decided on the monkey towel (because I love monkeys) but brown towels seemed to have the same problem. Eventually I decided on a little monster towel, because it could be any colour, and what little boy isn’t a little bit of a monster anyway, especially at bathtime?

They were really easy to run up, although the towelling does fray – I ran them both through my washing machine before gifting them to make sure they could stand up to being washed by machine (an absolute MUST for anything for children). I made the eyes and fangs out of towel too – in retrospect I wouldn’t do that, Amber had advised felt, personally I hate working with felt, and the thought of wet felt made me shudder, but the towel has frayed quite a bit around the fangs. I also stuffed the horns, another mistake, as it made them REALLY TOUGH to insert. I managed it though, and overlocked it on the inside – still not the prettiest.

All that being said, I have a very cute picture of my godson in this, grinning up at the camera post-bath (which obviously, I am NOT posting here, he’s not my child, and he doesn’t need his, admitted gorgeous, face all over the internet) – so he clearly loves being a little bath time monster.

If I’d have only been a little bit quicker on the trigger you’d have got a picture of Mr P modelling this, however it doesn’t fit him, but I can tell he wants me to make an adult sized one.


Katy x

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