Thursday, 3 April 2014

A Birthday Dress Up Outfit

This was actually an unintentional birthday present – by which I mean it happened completely by accident. We’d already bought my niece some clothes for her 3rd birthday, and then Mr P was going out and left me home alone for an afternoon with nothing to do on the day before her birthday.

And what little girl doesn’t need a cape I ask you?

It’s made out of white cotton velvet and actually nicely used up the last of it, which made me happy – I love it when I get to stash bust! The red gathered lace was also stash and I thought set it off nicely – the neck tie is done from some silver/white cord that I found in my sewing box.

The skirt was made from a simple rectangular tube with a fully elasticated waistband – nice and easy to pull on and off herself. The cape is a ¾ circle, neither of them are lined – as I said, these were dressing up clothes and made super quickly.

I think it took me about an hour in total – it would have been much quicker if I’d not decided to put the lace on. It was exciting to see her open them the next day, as I’m often really nervous about my sewing capabilities, but she dressed up in them straight away. The only problem was that the skirt was a little big (I looked up measurements for an average 3 year old on the net) and because it was so heavy, only stayed up by dint of her nappy giving her extra bulk. Still, too big is better than too small for little ones, and at least she can grow into it!

This is why I totally shouldn’t be left alone with fabric and a sewing machine!

Katy x

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