Thursday, 6 November 2014

Bridesmaids Dress Number 3

Me and my godsister having a good old gossip on the
morning of my wedding - plus a delicious breakfast!
Holy Guacamole! It's Thursday - I hadn't realised... my bad. I'm going to blame it being November, so my writing energies being used up on Nano, and also the fact I was away at the weekend charging around like a lunatic with a crossbow (Twisted Tales... best ever)

AAaaaanyway bridesmaids Dress Number 3 was for Gwennan – Gwennan is my godsister, and as she’s six months older than me I’ve known her my whole life, and she’s been my best friend since I knew what a best friend was – this is everything to do with her personality and nothing to do with the fact that her dress fitted her after just one fitting… Oh, and she chose a pattern with only 3 main pieces, nothing to do with that at all.

Also I can hear you arguing that Godsisters isn’t a thing, but I’ll have you know that the word ‘Gossip’ comes from the information you share with your god-siblings… so yeah, it’s a thing. I’m educational.

I wasn't convinced at the boatneck
I am now
I used Vogue pattern V8789, and did it exactly as described (although I did ignore the instructions for the cummerbund, and the pattern piece – but this is as close to following a pattern as I get!). Gwennan had chosen view B, with a boat neck, and I'll confess when she first told me, I wasn't overly convinced that it would work with her figure (she's curvy like me, I'd never go for this style) but she was adamant it was what she wanted, so I gave it a go - and I have to say, she was right all along, it looked fantastic on her! So much so that I might make myself one now!
This is actually Gwennan falling over
as she left the church... it was a
memorable moment!
I had to colour block the skirt as when I went to order the fabric, they only had 4 metres of it left, which really wasn't enough when I needed to pattern match, and make two full 1950s style skirts out of it. I managed however, partially due to the simplicity of this pattern, and the tinyness of the other bodice I made (and the fact my pattern matching was atrocious in the end)
It was a super easy pattern to sew up actually - the bodice was only two pieces, which each had two darts. Of course, nothing is ever simple, and despite the fact I had made the petit adjustment on this one, I had to move the waistline up a full inch - this is because Gwennan is short. Fact. Once I'd done that however the fit was perfect, and it was the easiest to do.
Ten tiny buttons and
a boatneck!
Look at those evil tiny buttons!
 Evil. And Tiny!
I did struggle a little with the buttons, I wanted them to be covered in the matching navy polycotton I'd bought - but covering tiny buttons? Well that was a challenge! Making the loops for the buttons was super easy thanks to the loop-turner that Luthaisea bought me for my birthday! Seriously, if you don't have one - go and get one, it will change your life. Covering the buttons mostly involved me sat on the floor with Gwennan and Mr P laughing at me while I failed time and time again. I managed to make 10 slightly respectable looking buttons in the end - if I have one piece of advice from this dress - it's buy far more uncovered buttons than you think you'll need, FAR MORE.
See you next week for my final bridesmaids dress!

I cannot think of a single thing I do not love about this dress, or the girl in it!

p.s. Bonus super old picture of us.... people used to frequently think we were sisters for real - I'll leave you guessing who is who.


  1. My guess is that you are the one in pink!! Dona

    1. Good guess! She's no longer taller than me :-D (although I do still wish I had that flintstones outfit... that was cool!)