Thursday, 5 June 2014

Cushion Covers for Mammy

Picture property of Mammy
So, home-making is not something I get to do a lot of, with living in a rented shoebox at the moment, but my mammy’s house, aka the house I grew up in, is awesome, and she is making it look fabulous now she doesn’t have me and my brother constantly making a mess!

Yes, I NEVER MOVED as a child – stayed in the same house until I moved out to go to university. It’s an awesome house, I love it. It’s on top of the cliffs, on the south coast of England – just so you can picture it, here’s a picture of the view from the front garden. Lush huh?

With the exception of mine and my brother’s rooms (which we still get to keep! Yay!), mam has a bit of a ‘beach’ theme going through the house. She’s in love with lighthouses, and the blue/white striped beachy style. I have to say, I think in someone elses hou se it would look disgustingly twee – but it’s been done subtly, and because it’s so close to the sea, it just feels right!

See, they match the beach hut ones!
So, for her birthday I made her some cushion covers – she’s slowly re-doing the living room, and had bought some HIDIOUSLY EXPENSIVE but very beautiful cushions, and wanted some more to cover her old cushions – of which I was more than happy to oblige. We went to the local fabric shop in Exmouth – which is awesome, and she chose some contrasting fabric, I then had to add some ribbon trim, because I saw it and thought it was TOO CUTE FOR WORDS. It really is. ADORABLE.

Then, that afternoon, I sewed up a few cushion covers. Mr P helped out on this one, mostly because he is a perfectionist, and therefore makes everything SUPER NEAT, which is cool. They go perfectly with the existing cushion covers, and really brightened up the room (although with the French windows looking out to the sea, it doesn’t need much brightening!)

Please excuse the super blurryness of the pictures,
 but YAY trim!
The technique I used was super easy – the covers have no fastening, they just overlap at the back to create a pocket, meaning they can be taken off easily and washed (my mammy has a dog, so the furnishings all need to be easily washable, dog hair gets EVERYWHERE, even though she’s not supposed to go on the chairs), I added the strip of trim across the middle for interest, and also because IT IS SUCH CUTE TRIM.
So yeah – I made some cushions (or cushings as I like to call them) for my mammy. She loves them :-D

Katy xxx

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